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KEZIA HOME is a brand of bed linen and table filed.

KEZIA HOME is also a consulting agency to help you with all your needs in home and interior design. Phone. 04 91 76 31 53

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KEZIA HOME and the International Trade

The company's business KEZIA HOME is essentially related to the import, export, consulting and marketing of textiles.

- We develop and validate Textile Collections
- We negotiate with customers, suppliers and offices abroad
- We manage the production
- We organize and track customer payments providers (with the purchase of currencies)
- We run the monitoring of supplier invoices, reminders and sampling
- We select our partners (agents, distributors)
- We take care of business prospecting
- We focus our services via the import outsourced
- We recommend sourcing (suppliers, subcontractors)
- We schedule individual assistance (living, business travel)
- We accompany you to import products from Asia or other countries
- We provide escort commercial and bilingual interpreters

Export an essential lever for development!

KEZIA HOME has developed a package "Accompanying your decision on the move." This includes the translation, selection, validation of collections and negotiations (travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the package).

KEZIA HOME also offers a package "import Office outsourced" to manage the entire international trading party for a percentage on purchases.

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Provision of our services and premises
Expose your brands in our showroom located in the heart of an industrial estate in Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013.

We offer a geographically strategic point of sale, easy access, good connections, with offices, storage facilities and showroom.

We asssure reception, advice, monitoring, customer sales and your promotion in the organization of open days.


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