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KEZIA HOME is a brand of bed linen and table filed.

KEZIA HOME is also a consulting agency to help you with all your needs in home and interior design. Phone. 04 91 76 31 53

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The impact of ICT on business growth

KEZIA HOME's passion is the taste for work well done and some involvement in the New Information Technologies and Communication.

HOME KEZIA gives you additional working tools, in terms of trade, communication and marketing.

We know all the in's and out's of ICT (Information and Communication), wich have a real impact on growth and activity areas. We therefor have all the competence necessary to help companies developpe their ICT, umprove their business innovation technics and promote their entry into new markets..

ICT and SMEs
The official website of the French government put forward programs and action plans for all state sectors, competitiveness, events and calls for tenders.
Information that meet the current needs of businesses.

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The household equipment
The Ministry of Economy, Industry and employment offers on the site of INSEE, folder occasionally on the field of home equipment. A must read!

Open pdf - Publication INSEE

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